Spring just has to be the best time of the year to be in good old Blighty doesn’t it?

Don’t be too busy to notice. The snowdrops might have gone but now is the time to take in the splendour of forsythia, its branches covered in electric yellow flowers, and to relish the last days of country banks of primroses and fields of daffodils.

A host of golden daffodils...

Wonder at the intricacy of hyacinths; the delicacy of saxifrage, and the vibrant blue of aubrietia.

Sit beneath a cherry tree festooned in pastel pink petals and, very soon, tiptoe carefully through shaded woodland areas thickly carpeted with bluebells.

Fragrant Wisteria

A Haze of lilac

The massive wisteria draped over the house is about to come on stage dressed glamorously in a haze of lilac, and the jasmine is cascading from conservatory roof to floor adorned in psychedelic white splashes of heavily-scented flowers.

Time to open up shop

Trees and hedges are tinged a bright fresh green, rhododendrons and azaleas are building up their strength to burst open, probably about the same time the sheltered clematis decides to open up shop.

Ah, yes… spring just has to be the best time of year in Britain.

Sounds a bit flowery and Mills and Boon-ish… but what the heck!


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