Christmas & Hogmanay in Scotland

Start Christmas festivities in Scotland with a pop and Hogmanay celebrations with a bang this year and take a break in Scotland for Christmas and the New Year to find out just how much fun you’ll be missing if you don’t…

Inverlochy, a member of

Inverlochy, a member hotel of Luxury Scotland

The hype is building. Christmas decorations have been glistening in the shops for a month or two, Christmas wish lists are being drafted, enchanting Christmas shows are selling out fast, and festive fairs in Scotland are promising to sparkle even more this year.

Marcliffe Hotel & Spa, a member of Luxury Scotland

Skating rinks, Christmas markets, Ferris wheels and fairground rides are coming out of mothballs.

Santa – who strangely seems to be everywhere at once these days – is getting prepared for all those spellbound children he’ll have sitting on his knee at countless ‘visit Santa’ appearances in Scotland.

Christmas winter wonderland in Scotland is undeniably nigh.

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Caribbean rib boat tours & adventure in Grenada

Diving with the she-devil is not an activity anyone would expect to take on during a visit to an exotic island in the Caribbean. But what the hell, sometimes you have no alternative but to go with the flow – in this case underwater.

Twin-engine rib boat rides in the Caribbean

Getting to the sculpture park diving site and speeding through the water like a bat out of hell in a powerful twin-engine rib boat adds to the thrill as passengers clutch tightly to the handlebars of their jockey seat. It’s hellishly fast.

What a surreal experience it is when the Devil Woman’s face, hidden beneath the wide brim of a hat, is a skeleton that can only be observed by literally getting up-front-and-personal.

Grenada sculpture park diving/snorkelling site

Exploring the Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada, home to 65 sculptures in all, is mesmerising. Either diving or snorkelling the sculpture park is totally surreal: it was created by sculptor Jason Taylor from England whose ocean floor works of art depict the island’s colourful history and folklore.

A line of heads sit on the coral here, a large circle of life-sized people holding hands there. A man sits at a desk typing and, of course, there’s that cloven-hoofed she-devil who is despised by women but enchanting to men. According to Grenada folklore that is.

Caribbean adventure vacations & activity holidays

Diving and snorkelling in the sculpture park is just one adventure vacation option in Grenada, there are plenty more adventure travel options if you’re planning to take an active holiday on the Caribbean island of Grenada.

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Visit Scotland’s historic castles

Boasting more than its fair share of castles, thanks to a turbulent past, Scotland today can offer rich historical pickings to its many visitors. Dotted around the country are formidable strongholds set atop dramatic cliffs, tower houses in varying states of ruin, ancient artillery fortifications, moated bastions, and well preserved medieval castles.

Tantallon Castle, Bass Rock in background - Image copyright Linda Jackson

Yes…  Scotland’s castles were undoubtedly well worth a tussle or two in days gone by. Today the castles in Scotland are well worth a somewhat more welcomed visit.

Edinburgh Castle, Image copyright Linda Jackson

Just choose any region in Scotland and within a few miles you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll come across the remains of a stronghold still clinging to the cliff edge, a medieval castle ruin perched atop a hill, a tower house not quite as towering as it was in its glory days, a well-preserved fortress sitting on a loch-side, or a magnificent castle fully intact and open to visitors year-round.

St Andrews Castle, Image copyright Linda Jackson

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Culzean Castle, Image copyright Linda Jackson

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