Stylish rural accommodation in Gran Canaria

Exploring the interior of Gran Canaria, the third largest of the seven major islands in the Canary Islands, is rather like finding yourself on a collection of assorted film sets. I love exploring this diverse island!

Some areas of Gran Canaria are lush, others lunar-like

Rural Gran Canaria, a photographer's Mecca

You’ll find a kaleidoscope of landscapes… volcanic craters, mountains, deep ravines, oddly shaped basalt rocks, desert features, dunes, and archaeological sites as well as 100-year old pine tree forests, thick palm groves, sub-tropical vegetation, exotic plants and fruits.

Miles of sand dunes at Maspolomas

Visit Gran Canaria for yourself and you’ll see exactly why it is called a “miniature continent”. You’ll also understand why UNESCO reckons it’s a “natural treasure of the world”. I’ll certainly vouch for that.

Agapanthus thrive in Gran Canaria

Colourful strata near Artenara

Lush ferns in Gran Canaria pine forest

Fortunately I discovered some stylish rural accommodation in Gran Canaria and was really lucky in finding an excellent English-speaking walking guide in Gran Canaria who is also a knowledgeable wildflower guide in Gran Canaria too. I’m not selfish – so I’ll share them with you….

… read on and you’ll also find some travel tips for your Gran Canaria rural holiday:

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