Best bars in the Caribbean

Looking for a quirky Caribbean bar, a fashionable bar in the Caribbean, or a Caribbean village rum bar where you can drink and play dominoes with the locals?

Then have I got some goodies for you…  I reckon these are some of the Caribbean’s best bars:

Stylish air-conditioned bar in St Lucia – The Cane Bar & Late Night Bar

This chic bar – the Cane Bar – at the Jalousie Plantation in St Lucia is the bee’s knees. I love it.

Jalousie Plantation Cane Bar

Jalousie Plantation Late Bar

It is somewhere you can hide from the steamy Caribbean nights… it’s an air-conditioned bar, trendy, serves fab tapas-type snacks, has cuddle-up bar stools for two and the barman makes a mean lemon drop cocktail.

The adjoining Late Bar is an intimate super-trendy lounge with low lighting, funky seating, and great music – definitely a romantic venue for pre-dinner cocktails or a late nightcap.

Quirky bar in the ocean – The Pelican Bar, Jamaica

At the other end of the spectrum, the Pelican Bar off the Westmoreland Coast in Jamaica has quite a different WOW factor. Rickety, almost open to the elements, needing a boat ride to get there… FAB. What character this place has.

Pelican Bar, Jamaica

Interior of Pelican Bar, Jamaica

What a super-duper quirky bar and undoubtedly a ‘don’t miss’ if you’re in this part of Jamaica. It’s not far from Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa so if you are on honeymoon in Jamaica at this Sandals resort this quirky bar in the ocean is well worth a taxi and boat ride to experience it.

Jamaica village rum bar on stilts at Beeston Springs, Westmoreland

A more friendly bar in Jamaica will be hard to find. It’s up in the Westmoreland hills in the southwest region of Jamaica. The bar clings to the hillside and is perched on stilts. Here you’ll mingle with absolutely charming villagers who are more than willing to test your dominoes skills.

Great bar in Beeston Springs, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Smiles, dominoes and good rum at Beeston Springs village bar

Believe me, they know every domino that’s left in your hand after about five moves. If that.

What to buy & places to visit in Jamaica

Climbing the Dunns River Falls in Jamaica with a guide is a must-do activity while you’re on the island.

Image copyright Linda Jackson

Hats complete with dreadlocks attached

Image copyright Linda Jackson

Bob Marley lives on in Jamaica

Image copyright Linda Jackson

Dunns River Falls market

Searching through the Jamaica souvenir market at Dunns River Falls afterwards is undoubtedly de rigeur… so go with the flow.

Image copyright Linda Jackson

Climbing Dunns River Falls is a must-do when in Jamaica

Image copyright Linda Jackson

More smiles for visitors at Dunns River Falls market

Image copyright Linda Jackson

Completely conchers! Conch is a delicacy in Jamaica

Who can resist the multi-coloured knitted hats with attached dreadlocks, the highly polished conch (pronounced conk) shells and the wooden carved faces of Bob Marley?

For more information on Jamaica visit

For more information on climbing Dunns River Falls visit

The nicest cookies & smiles in Jamaica

Maji – my yoga instructor, who takes yoga classes beside the sea at the all butler luxury hotel of Sandals Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica – has the warmest of smiles, an amazing aura about him, and is the nicest Rastafarian I have ever met. If he wasn’t married I would have asked him to marry me! He sells unique silver jewellery and travels the world in search of it.

Image copyright Linda Jackson

Cafe de Paris at the Whitehouse, Jamaica

Image copyright Linda Jackson

Maji - the nicest smile you'll ever find!

As for the Cafe de Paris at the Whitehouse in the district of Westmorland… it’s the best place on the southwest coast of Jamaica for an early breakfast and late afternoon tea. Coffee and cakes scrumptious.

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People worth knowing in Jamaica

Working on a Jamaica project this year, visiting on three different occasions, I met some great people. There’s no doubt that Jamaicans  are the most friendly people in the Caribbean. Always smiling.

Image copyright Linda Jackson

Maji, my yoga instructor at Royal Plantation, Jamaica

Image copyright Linda Jackson

Rochelle (Sandals Whitehouse) ziplining in Jamaica

Image copyright Linda Jackson

Patrick - a butler at Sandals Whitehouse, Jamaica

Here are a few friends I made while I was having a fantastic working holiday in Jamaica!

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Editorial Project – Sandals Resorts International

I’ve recently returned to the UK from a three months’ stint in the Caribbean working on an editorial project for Sandals Resorts International – carrying out hotel and resort reviews in Jamaica, the Bahamas (including the Exumas), and the Turks & Caicos.  And I’m missing the Caribbean sun, the laid-back attitude and, yes, even the rainy reason.

Looking through my Caribbean image library, I think it’s time I shared a few more Caribbean pictures with you, so… watch this space!

For more information on all-inclusive holidays in the Caribbean, all-inclusive honeymoons in the Caribbean, and Sandals Resorts visit

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