Ziplining in Jamaica

Camera… Roll… Action

I’m terrified of heights.

Fear made me bond quickly (like glue) to the accompanying instructors, and my co-zipliners soon became my best friends. I needed a lot of moral support.

Cameras roll... Dan is ready for the off

I’ve heard that people hug trees but probably not for the same reason that I hugged them.

On a platform the size of a dinner plate, at a height of at least 800ft (well, it seemed like that to me) I had a passionate affair with a very mature tree.

Action... Kim flies in

Mate Rochelle

It seemed a lifetime, it took a thousand shuffling steps, eyes closed, nose almost glued to tree, to get around the tree trunk for the next zip line.

If a tree could moan, it would have…

Fear of heights aside, I can’t wait for my next session. Bring it on!

Enjoy these pictures of my best-ever ziplining buddies.

There are several different ziplining locations in Jamaica, lengths and heights of the lines vary considerably but safety is of paramount importance (go with a reputable company) and the thrill is amazing.

For a wide range of adventure tours in Jamaica, as well as sightseeing and ziplining check out Island Routes >>

For more information on Jamaica visit

The Caribbean in colour

Vibrant Vacations

Warm evenings, white sand, crystal clear water, romantic candlelit dinners on the beach…   

Caribbean sunset

Caribean seclusion

Exotic flora

Exotic flora, chirping tree frogs, swaying palms, amazing sunsets, moonlight walks on the beach – all that stuff. 

How can anyone NOT want to vacation in the Caribbean?  It is a destination made for lovers…  for lovers of nature, for lovers of sun and sea, for adventure lovers, and for people in love…

Peacock perfection

Take this peacock, for instance.  It fancies the pants off the light fittings in these exotic Caribbean gardens on the unspoilt south-west coast of Jamaica.  

Every day is a peacock woo-ing day. But the light fittings remain unimpressed.

Pigs might fly…

… or swim

Pigs might fly...

Never have I seen anything funnier than a big snout, huge ears, and a curly tail swimming towards me attached to…. a pig.   

In fact, four of them, swimming as if in practice for the olympics and squealing as though there was no tomorrow. 

Pigs will do anything apparently to suckle a beef hot dog or two.

Shark formation

It has been a wild sort of day.

On the last beach we had fed iguanas that were partial to grapes and, at the yacht club, nurse sharks that didn’t mind being stroked if you paid them a squid or two.

Who cares?

Can you guess where I am?  

Need a clue?

Because of the crystal clear water, this is one of the best destinations in the world for scuba diving holidays, sailing breaks and yacht charter vacations.

Here’s another clue… 

It’s an exclusive vacation destination, also popular for luxury weddings and romantic honeymoons.

Oh yes… and there is a Greg Norman-designed golf course with six Signature holes running adjacent to the most amazing turquoise sea.

Any idea?  No?  Then click here if you want to give in >>

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