JAMAICA with an Italian twist of France

Chilling out in luxury accommodation in Jamaica

Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica

Italianate gardens in Jamaica

Where am I?

Wandering through the resort I could be in the USA, but there’s a sign to the French village and another to the Italian village. 

Believe it or not I’m actually in the Caribbean… in Jamaica. 

Blooming impressive

I’m in a massive estate full of blooms in every colour, an act only the Caribbean can stage. But it is Italianate. 

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Jerk in Jamaica

Jamaica is ‘hot’, man… and real cool

Private island Sandals Royal Caribbean

Private island Sandals Royal Caribbean

My three-month ‘tour of discovery’ visiting several Caribbean islands I haven’t visited before has begun. First stop, Jamaica.

Lush, mountainous, turquoise waters, white sand beaches, cooling breezes, great hotels, friendly Jamaicans, champagne on tap… First impressions? Not bad at all. I could maybe suffer a few years here, no worry.

I’m a great fan of Bob Marley too so reckon I could soon get the Jamaican vibe sorted, no prob. There’s a je ne sais pas about music in the Caribbean… it seeps into the blood.

Human boomerangs

My vacation (of sorts) in Jamaica is beginning to look very promising. It’s going to end before it begins, I just know it. There’s great food, too, in my Luxury Included® hotel. All very much laid back. I met some guests today who return year after year, just like human boomerangs. Three days in, and I am beginning to understand why.  Read more »

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