Eat your heart out Paris…

Eating out in Montreal is hot, hot, hot

Chew on dragon’s beard in Montreal

A pretty jammy mission, I reckon, to spend 48 hours delving into Montreal’s diverse range of culinary delights. The chance to discover the city’s specialities, its market-based cuisine and its “slow food” sounded like heaven to me when asked to investigate by The Guardian.

Thank goodness Montreal is compact enough to get around by foot. Helps burn off calories piled on in great eating places.

5,000 restaurants – 80 countries

In Montreal you can sample the cuisine of 80 different countires without leaving the compact city centre. The latest craze, slow food, involves a new generation of chefs sourcing fresh ingredients from local suppliers.

To explore a vibrant city is exciting enough, but one that boasts over 5,000 restaurants serving up flavours from more than 80 different countries sounds delicious. Read more »

Face to face with the she-devil in Grenada

Go with the flow… it’s surreal

Grenada - be prepared to meet the she-devil

Diving with the she-devil in Grenada is an interesting proposition. Don’t miss it. You wouldn’t expect to take it on, would you, during a visit to an exotic island in the Caribbean but what the hell, sometimes you have no alternative but to go with the flow – in this case underwater.   Read more »

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